for Indiana

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of conservatives believe that “markets and costs” should decide a form of energy.

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of conservatives support developing more solar farms in Indiana.

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of conservatives think electric vehicle charging networks should be “built and run by electric vehicle manufacturers and the private sector.”

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of conservatives agreed that Indiana should end its regulated monopoly system in favor of “a free-market system where consumers have choices about where and how they get their energy.”

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of the conservatives sample support “continuing to give consumers the fair market value for the electricity they produce.”

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of conservatives are in favor of legislation that would prohibit these restrictions on homeowners who wish to install rooftop solar panels.

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of conservatives agree that landowners should decide how use of land is developed.

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of conservatives agree that private landowners “should have the right to decide how their land can be used, including whether to lease or sell it to wind or solar energy developers.”




A mighty wind picks up steam in Indiana

September 9, 2019

Just a decade ago, Indiana had almost no commercial wind power—just a few small windmills that pumped water on farms. Since then, the wind industry has boomed, driven largely by falling costs and rising demand by large customers and utilities for renewable energy. Today, wind power is cheaper than many…

New Poll: Conservatives Strongly Support Renewable Energy Development, Favor Energy Choices

August 12, 2019

Conservatives strongly oppose moratorium on energy development, support lowest cost energy options regardless of source FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: July 31, 2019 CONTACT: Jared Noblitt (317-536-6900) jarednoblitt@indianaconservativeallianceforenergy.org Indianapolis, Ind. – The Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy (ICAE) today announced the results of a new statewide poll that showed strong conservative…

Expand Homegrown Renewable Energy

April 24, 2018

IndyStar's articles about Luke Messer convey the wrong image of him. The article reported that replacing Rep. Roland Stine was Messer's springboard into elected office. First, he was very well known when he sought the appointment to replace Stine in 2003. Messer had run for Congress in 2000 but Mike Pence won…
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